User Submitted Gallery-Submit

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To submit your bass to our user submitted gallery send us an email at info(at)fretlessbass(dot)com. Please include only one JPEG (.jpg) image of your bass only (no people or faces, please, for privacy reasons). If you have multiple photos please combine them into one JPEG (.jpg) image. Please only send photos that you took or have the rights to. Do not send any commercial photos or photos that you do not have the rights to. reserves the right to approve, reject, or edit any entry for any reason whatsoever. Please include any or all of the info below in the email:

first name:

last name:


U.S. state:

bass make:

bass model:

bass year:

body color:

body style:

neck specie:

neck style:


fret lines:

pickup brand:

pickup config.:

originally fretless?:


Thank you!